Harness The Power of the AllSight Big Data Insights Engine

Build Your Solution on the Proven Big Data
Platform Behind Our Products

AllSight’s Technology

Business & IT Users

Big Data Governance

Visualize and report on metrics
for governance

Social Media

Prepare social media data for

Big Data

Define your 360 model, sources
and resolution

Big Data
Insight Engine

Integrate and prepare Big Data
for business use


Systems Integrated, Real-Time
Analytics Streaming

AllSight in action

Leading edge technologies, leveraging over 10 years of deep MDM expertise, are used to
solve the next generation data management challenges.

  • Contextual Entity Resolution
    (patent pending)

  • Semantic Reasoning with a new ontology
    (disclosure in process)

  • Machine Learning

  • Columnar and Graph Databases

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Java, Relational Database

  • Hadoop Ecosystem

Why choose allsight?

Connect Related Information
Across Disparate Sources

  • Can you match a Twitter user to a Facebook user to an internal record?
  • Can you identify when a voice mail message and a website click are connected events?
  • Are you gathering data aimlessly, or does it feed itself automatically into any relevant business-facing applications?

Visualize The Quality Of Your
Big Data

  • What are your quality issues and what is the severity of each issue?
  • Which sources are contributing to these issues?
  • How are these issues trending over time?
  • How confident are you in the data’s accuracy? What about its relevance?
  • How trustworthy is the data you’re gathering for driving business decisions?

Report On Metrics To Support
Data Governance

  • Can you prove the ROI of your Big Data project?
  • Is your process transparent and accountable?
  • Do you have data quality scan reports that you can monitor, set up alerts for, and present to management?
  • Are filters and data collection policies easily configured according to the needs of your implementation?

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